Solo Exhibition: FALSE PRIEST by Olivie Keck

23 September – 23 October 2014

“The title ‘False Priest’ refers to the name I have given to ‘the narrator/voice of the human mind’ in the show. It is not intended to be read as a religious title, but rather the embodiment of what the word ‘Priest’ implies– an authority who catharts on matters of the unknown. Each work is essentially a tale about existing. “-Olivié Keck-

 In this exhibition, the artist presents a quiet and personal enquiry into the phenomenology of sleep and dying and the related subjects of loss, fear, memory and dreams. The act of sleep and the stillness achieved through deep forms of physical meditation are explored as preparation states of body and mind in its final coming to rest. Dreams too play a role in this comparison, where fleeting experiences of a different state of consciousness, the depths of our being or with those who have passed away become possible. An experience made all the more poignant through a sense of limited access.These themes are explored using multiple techniques including quilting, embroidery, printmaking and ceramics. In these choices of media there is a strong connection between the materiality, the act of making – as narrative, therapeutic, contemplative – and the subject matter. Thus, embroidering or quilting functions as preparation for the stillness of mind required at the onset of sleep or in the transition to immateriality. Similarly, the serene and distorted death masks cast in porcelain have a partially unknown outcome to their process; anticipating the mysterious reveal of the face of the dying.

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